The slogan of the Tobacco-free Finland 2030 network, Together towards a tobacco-free future, explains what we do: we work together to promote a non-tobacco, nicotine-free lifestyle.

The network’s operations were launched in 2008 and, at the moment, it includes 19 members, all of which also promote a tobacco-free lifestyle through their own operations in various different ways. When we join forces, our message gains momentum.

We organise seminars and special events (including the Tobacco-free Finland Day), prepare statements, commentaries, initiatives and releases and bring out the positives of non-smoking in other ways. Through our operations, we support the objective of the Tobacco Act: to end the use of tobacco and nicotine products by the year 2030.


Tobacco-free Finland by 2030. At most, five per cent of the working-age population will consume tobacco and other non-medical nicotine products.

Our strategic policies 2017–2020:

  • We make proposals that promote non-smoking in support of decision-making.
  • We create a positive attitude towards non-smoking.
  • We support the enforcement of the Tobacco Act.

Tobacco-free Finland 2030 network:

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland
Filha – Finnish Lung Health Association
HUS Heart and Lung Center
The Finnish Respiratory Society
The Cancer Society of Finland
National Institute for Health and Welfare
SOSTE – Finnish Society for Social and Health
ASH Finland – Action on Smoking and Health
DAT – Doctors Against Tobacco
Finnish Heart Association
The Association of Health Promoting Hospitals in Finland
EHYT – Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation
Tobacco-Free Municipality
The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim
North Karelia Center for Public Health
ETRA – Life and Health with Love

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